Ivanov violated the Constitution and disqualified himself from politics

Gjorgje Ivanov, the man who came to power through electoral fraud organized by the outgoing party and who - having violated the Constitution of Republic of Macedonia several times so far - today has done it again. In his brief speech at the press conference in his residence on the hill, without leaving room for questions, Ivanov performed yet another political stunt that is as dangerous as it is meaningless and comic!

With no single word did Ivanov condemn the violence against the journalists and innocent bystanders during the protests that are being organized by supporters of the outgoing party. Instead, he allowed himself another illogical appearance in public.

Ivanov did not give the opposition the mandate to form a government, which collected 67 signatures (61 out of 120 MPs were enough to form a government) from the elected Members of Parliament. Moreover, he accused the opposition of high treason and threatened with criminal charges. Furthermore, Ivanov presented new accusations and threats against the international community. And, his attitude was such that he approved and encouraged violence that we have witnessed these days. In short, Ivanov did not offer a solution with his address, but rather trampled the Constitution and deepened the political crisis in Republic of Macedonia.

Now it is up to the elected MPs in Parliament to use the existing constitutional and legal possibilities, to bypass Ivanov who is an extremely destructive element in Macedonian politics, and to effectuate their majority which, actually, reflects the will of the majority of citizens of the Republic of Macedonia. That means that now the possibility is open for the Parliament to start functioning and to elect a government.

The elected MPs have the full right to do so, especially after Ivanov has disqualified himself, legally and politically, from the political scene and there is nothing more for him to do in the politics anymore.

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