Wllingly express my individual support to CIVIL – Center for Freedom (hereinafter: CIVIL). I hereby declare that:

  1. I have read, understand and support CIVIL’s Statute;
  2. I fully agree with CIVIL’s vision and mission, which are part of the organization’s Statute;
  3. I will fully abide by CIVIL’s Code;
  4. I will strive actively in fulfilling the vision, mission and key values, as well as the goals and tasks of CIVIL’s strategic and program documents;
  5. I will actively contribute to the positive image of CIVIL in the public;
  6. I will strive for respect of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the European Convention on Human Rights and other international and national documents and legislation that are in accordance with CIVIL’s Statute and other basic and strategic documents.

I hereby by agree and confirm that:

- I am familiar with the content of the basic documents, as well as with CIVIL’s activities;

- CIVIL does not assume any expenses that may arise from this procedure;

- CIVIL does not assume any responsibility that may arise from the support or membership in the organization

-CIVIL is not responsible for my actions and behavior that are outside my communication and responsibilities delegated by the organization;

-I will not bring my personal actions and activities in connection with CIVIL’s work, I will not give out official secrets, nor will I work against the interests of the organization.

Statement of Support