Social media

CIVIL has developed a well-organized and rich in content social media profiles and channels. Most of them are operational for a number of years, and more are to come. Here’s a selection of them:


Facebook main profile, over 19,000 followers specialized on elections, around 1,000 followers specialized on social justice, over 1,000 followers specialized on arts, culture and activism, over 2,000 followers specialized on citizen journalism, over 500 followers specialized on artists for human rights, 600 followers main Twitter profile, over 1,000 followers

YouTube 2nd channel, operational since June 2016, 850+ videos, over 200 subscribers, 500,000 views so far, 20 days+ total watch time) 1st channel, operational since 2011, 250+ videos, 84 subscribers, over 100,000 views; this channel will be used as an organizational channel in future, related to

SoundCloud audio channel of CIVIL; in a phase of development; also registered CIVIL Radio channel ( that will be linked to citizen journalism


NOTE: CIVIL uses platforms such as Periscope, Meerkat, Facebook Live, and others, regularly. They contribute to high visibility of CIVIL events; up to 20,000 viewers per live feed. Also uses Google+, Instagram, Flickr, etc.