Colorful Revolution’s activist arrested at a gun point

Under heavy police security and at gun point by armed civilians, the driver of the van of the Colorful Revolution was arrested at an intersection in the center of Skopje (capitol of the Republic of Macedonia), right after the protests under the slogan "Jorge (pejorative name for the President Gorge Ivanov), you're a disgrace to Macedonia", in the evening of May 30.

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Police and armed civilians are taking the activist into custody

According to a citizen journalist who reported this event to CIVIL, the driver and his co-passenger were taken into custody to the police station (ironically) called "Spring".

According to the citizen journalist, officers of the Rapid Deployment Unit of the police were spotted among the police cordon which guarded the Triumphal Arc, before which the protest was held. Reportedly, armed civilians were patrolling the nearby City Mall (GTC).

After the citizen journalist’s report was published by CIVIL, activists of the Colorful Revolution gathered in front of the police station where their fellow was kept for several hours, without explanation.

Reportedly, during the interrogation of the arrested activist, armed civilians were in the yard of the police station.

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