CIVIL MEDIA is an organizational unit of CIVIL – Center for Freedom and within its framework builds a media platform of information and project web portals, which have the main goal of publishing independent news, information, reports, analyses and views, as well as educational materials.

At the same time, CIVIL MEDIA is an organizational unit (branch) that advocates for freedom of expression and media freedoms, and is involved in civic education on media literacy, countering fake news, disinformation and hate speech, as part of the organization' core commitments.

List of CIVIL MEDIA’s media projects and outlets:

(updated March, 2020)

WWW.CIVILMEDIA.MK (news, research, analysis and opinion; Macedonian language)

WWW.CIVILALB.INFO / WWW.DREJT.MK (news, research, analysis and opinion; Albanian language)

WWW.CIVIL.TODAY (news, research, analysis and opinion; English language)

WWW.GREENCIVIL.MK (green values, anti-nationalism, social justice; Macedonian, Albanian, English)

WWW.SLOBODNIIZBORI.INFO (elections, voters' education website; Macedonian, Albanian)


Less active (project based):

WWW.CLP.MK (activism, fake news, anti-corruption, transparency and accountability; Macedonian, Albanian, English), soon to be replaced with a new, updated and more interactive web portal: WWW.CITIZEN.MK (under construction)

WWW.ZUM.MK (currently not being updated; regional website - Shtip, Eastern statistical region, focus on human rights; Macedonian)

WWW.EUROPORT.MK (currently not being updated; regional website - Western statistical region; news and opinion, focus on: EU/NATO integrations process; Albanian language)

WWW.RTVCIVIL.MK (currently not being updated; resource website; video and audio production of CIVIL MEDIA)

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