CIVIL is collecting applications for election observers

CIVIL will set up an info stand for the election observation project “We are watching” on Wednesday, September 21, on the plateau in front of the SEE University at the entrance of the Old Town in Skopje, starting at 12 noon. CIVIL – Center for Freedom is intensifying its activities for completing the teams for election observation. A new campaign is starting as of today for collecting applications for election observers.

Positions have been opened for short-term observers (for election day), long-term observers (active at least four weeks before election day and at least one week after election day) and for mobile monitoring teams throughout the country. In order to apply please send a CV (no more than 1 page) with contacts, a motivation letter (half page) and a photo (for identification, should the application be accepted).

Applicants are also expected to fill out the Statement of support to CIVIL, with which they become part of CIVIL’s structure and have the opportunity to participate in the projects on election observation, but also in all other projects that are being implemented by the organization.

Setting info stands is one way of directly communicating with the citizens, which CIVIL has been fostering for nearly two decades.

Interested citizens will receive basic information on CIVIL’s election observation and on how to instantly start the procedure for applying for the position in CIVIL, should they submit the necessary application documents.

CIVIL’s info stands are a place where reports are also collected on abuses, blackmail, pressure, party employments and corruption. Reporting violations of human rights and freedoms in the electoral context can also be made through the website on free election that CIVIL created two years ago. The Facebook page Free Election is also available for information through the social networks.

The project “We are watching” is supported by the US Embassy in Macedonia.


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