The New Year message of CIVIL

CIVIL wishes a Happy New Year to all citizens of North Macedonia and the world.

A challenging year with difficult and tragic consequences from the Covid-19 pandemic has passed. Human rights and freedoms were limited across the world, due to the lockdowns and health protection measures against the virus. Movement and physical grouping of people were restricted with the purpose of protecting the public health.

Tragedies brought by wars, armed conflicts and terrorism were also not lacking.

In horrifying pandemic conditions, millions of people sought hope in fleeing from war zones or from extreme poverty.

Disinformation and hybrid threats inflicted disorder to the already difficult situation the world was facing, trying to deepen the crisis, to divide people and to infuse fear and distrust.

Yet, this was a year of Humans’ hope and struggle. And, it was a year of solidarity and sacrifice.

Doctors and all health workers found themselves on the front lines of the fight against COVID-19, fighting day and night to save human lives, risking their own lives.

All those helping in the fight – civil society organization, the media, police, army and countless other heroes also showed heroism.

The world changed and showed that it can also be a better place for living. Innovations and new technologies developed day by day and made life easier for people. In less than a year, vaccines against COVID-19 were developed, while vaccination of the worldwide population is already starting.

The world has never been more connected than today. Despite all challenges and mistakes, the Humans have achieved gigantic successes in the past year of 2020.

The New 2021 brings many new hopes and many new struggles for a better and dignified life for human kind.

More than ever before, the individual has shown their value.

With high civic awareness, solidarity and dedication, every person can help in improving their own and the life of many others in their own country and worldwide.

CIVIL’s members are sending a strong, sincere and positive thought and message for respect for human rights and freedoms, equality, peace, prosperity and health for all people in the world.

Happy New Year 2021!

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