CIVIL activates its full capacities for elections monitoring

CIVIL – Center for Freedom welcomes the outcome of the negotiations between the leaders of the four biggest political parties and the fulfillment of conditions of the political agreement from July 20. The moment when the agreement was reached for early parliamentary elections to be held on December 11, CIVIL officially activated its full capacities for long-term monitoring of the electoral process.

At the same time, CIVIL alarms that the fulfillment of the conditions of the political agreement for overcoming the political crisis is more of a formal nature, rather than a substantive one. As a matter of facts, substantial reforms are not being implemented, and a dirty political campaign raging on the ground and in the media. Abuse, pressure and political corruption have continued unabated.

Republic of Macedonia is faced with serious challenges in the coming period. CIVIL urges all citizens to engage in efforts for the country to overcome this long-lasting crisis and to defend their voting rights.

Every form of political corruption, pressure, threat, abuse or any other form of human rights and freedoms violation has to be reported. CIVIL alerts the political parties and institutions and insist on their accountability and responsibility. Political parties and institutions have to take appropriate measures to prevent further violations of the democratization process.

CIVIL will intensify its communication with the public and will continue to publish its findings from the ground on a daily basis.

We urge all citizens to report abuse, pressure, discrimination, corruption and other forms of unlawful actions to CIVIL, at any time. This can be done through the online form on, by phone at 02 / 520 91 76, e-mail: [email protected], or in person at the organization’s office, or reported to the observers who are authorized by the organization and are deployed throughout the entire country.

CIVIL once again informs all the institution in Republic of Macedonia that it is available to assist in the process of reforms and help obtaining conditions for free elections.

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