Media “idiocies” and their mission

In the media and among the ones producing media content ( I deliberately do not use the term – journalists), there are all kinds of idiots. In the past, idiots and random people in journalism were a lot less common, whereby, journalism was considered to be a respectable and esteemed profession. However, as years passed by, especially in the last decade, after stupidity and obedience became the most important criteria for employment and earning money (in addition to having a party membership card), idiots have multiplied in the media, especially in the most influential ones, but also among the ones that are pretending to be “influential”, regardless if we are talking about traditional or new media.

Пишува: Петрит Сарачини

Пишува: Петрит Сарачини

Journalist are becoming a rarity in the media. Literally, like rare animals before extinction. And, the rarer real journalists can be found in the media, the greater is the desire of the centers of power, of the media bosses and their servants to wipe them out completely. To extinguish even the little lights in this dark vilayet. There is hardly any media magnate or important politician that doesn’t have an important journalistic “scalp” in their collection. These individuals have their own media troops and centurions, executors who are wandering around the media, disciplinary expeditions that are sent to discipline a certain news studio, or to discredit or devaluate a person in public, if such a person is considered to pose danger to the interests of the media owners or to their political and business pals.

Some even change editors and journalists like they change their underclothing, thinking that in this way the odor that is spreading from their newsletters will disappear, whereby, the information is sold as being true. That is why, it is very rare to hear and see something smart in the media. In exchange, propaganda, lies and filth is offered in abundance. Exclusive and scandalous, of course.

And, if we were accustomed to this “quality” as an offer of much of the pro-government media and journalists, than it is really disappointing to see that there is an inflation of idiots even among the critically minded media, which is making an enormous damage to the potential for change. There are many examples of dreadful contents. Children, families and even the dead are picked on, cursing is made in the most vulgar manner, while part of the critical public, unfortunately, accepts this as a “normal” response to the constant violence of this type, which the government and the media performed on everyone who did not think like the government.

Recently, we had such a striking example. It was disgusting and inhuman what some supposedly “fierce critics of the government” wrote of the late Slobodan Casule. Just as was the attitude of the government necrophiliac megaphones several years ago, for example, towards the death of Marko Kabranov or Roberto Belicanec. And through these examples, unfortunately or fortunately, we can see the difference between the real critical public and the journalists and the propagandistic “I am making a fool out of myself” media and journalists, regardless of which center of power they are serving.

But, not only this. What is crucial is that through these examples, the intention of the centers of power can be seen and revealed – through such media clowns to disgrace other media and journalists, from among the genuine ones. That is why the propaganda servants are screaming – “they are all alike” – not only politikos, mijalkovies and other “delicacies” of the stinky Macedonian media kitchen, but, they also want to put all the others who are articulating honest, argumented criticism in the same position, regardless if that criticism is towards the government or a social phenomenon or an event, criticism and views delineate from the usual rules and standards of public or media communications.

Look at how the critical public responded to the idiotic articles on Casule, regardless of the ideological disagreements. That was really praiseworthy. And remind yourselves of how the on duty government “moralizers” responded to the repulsive articles on the late Kabranov and Belicanec. Almost everyone was silent, many of them were even impressed, but they yell when “criticism” falls upon them by those who (self)advertise themselves as striking opposition media fists.

We were not silent neither then, nor now. Neither do idiots impress us, as would Arianna Huffington say in terms of the racist statements made by Trump. And, we never will and never should be silent and let the fools and idiots cause a commotion and control the public and the media. Indeed, there is a division in society and in the media, but not all of those who are supposedly on the “same side” – are the same. It is time we all understand that the key division between “us” and “them” is neither ideological, nor ethical or religious. Some of them have mind and reason, consideration and boundaries. The others don’t.


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