CIVIL: Freedom, but also responsibility in the media

CIVIL – Center for Freedom once more alerts and opposes the disrespect of human rights and of the rights of the journalists, which brings into question the basic principles of the freedom of the press, the protection of journalistic sources and the fundamental rights of the citizens for objective and timely information.

Freedom of information is a pillar of any democratic society. CIVIL campaigns for democracy and objective information. The right to informing, promoting independent media, promoting public awareness, improving the safety of journalists and timely informing of citizens are all a precondition for releasing the media from constraints of the government. Regardless of which side they come from, the press and the media must respect the basic criteria of ethical and professional conduct. Hence, the hatred and offensiveness that come from media products declared as critical or oppositional, are just as unacceptable as those coming from pro-government media.

The column “Media ‘idiocies’ and their mission” is the position of our dear colleague and journalist, Petrit Saracini, whose idea is a step further in the freeing and awakening of journalism as a profession.

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