Citizens demand justice for Tamara

By chanting "Murderers!" "Justice for Tamara!" "Prison for the Minister of Death, Nikola Todorov ", hundreds of people protested today in front of the Public Prosecutor office and demanded to convict those responsible for the death of the little Tamara Dimovska from Veles that died exactly one year ago, due to institutional inefficiency.

Zaklina Dimovska, the mother of Tamara, said today that after a year, those responsible for the death of her daughter have not yet been convicted. She said she does not expect that someone will answer for it "because political hands are involved.

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"Your sofa is too important and too comfortable, that’s why only one day before the announced protest, you came up with a statement that the case was in progress and would be cleared. I do not expect the case to be cleared up, but I demand no more institutional mistakes and no more suffering of innocent children, "said the mother of Tamara.

The journalist Ognen Janeski demanded from the Public Prosecutor to come out and say when they intend to close the case of young Tamara, instead of saying that "the investigation is ongoing."

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At the protest came 11-year-old Haneta Saliu who also suffers from a deformity of the spine. Her father Sadulah Saliu said it takes about 20 thousand euros, to be able to operate the young Haneta abroad so she can have a normal life.

Tamara's mother, barely keeping the tears as she looked at the young Haneta, said: "Looking at young Haneta I feel like I am looking at my little Tamara, therefore I urge the institutions to work properly and to never repeat the case of my daughter", said Zaklina Dimovska.

The former president of the Government of Republic of Macedonia, Nikola Gruevski, made a promise a few years ago which if fulfilled, perhaps would have saved little Tamara. He said that "as of January 2013, we will see the realization of my promise, for every citizen for whom the medical commission finds that must be treated abroad, the cost will be almost entirely covered by the state, i.e, the patient will not have to pay more than 200 euros.

In its well-known style, the Ministry of Health, run by minister Todorov was throwing around promises as well and only two and a half months (21.11.2014) before her death, promised that "the state will pay for Tamaras’ treatment abroad ".

Unfortunately no one carried moral and political responsibility for the unfulfilled promises, which partially affected the slowing down of the humanitarian action for collecting funds from citizens to help Tamara. On the criminal responsibility, it is the public prosecutor's move, which finally, after a year of silence, issued a statement. The public deserves answers.


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