This hunt has to stop!

CIVIL - Center for Freedom expresses its surprise and resentment following the latest developments related to criminal charges and arrests within the police, political and media operation "Coup", conducted by the Prime Minister and the police. This is yet another action conducted by the government that practices its power under, to put it mildly, extremely dubious excuses. Such are the excuses of the Prime Minister, who brought accusations and a verdict in the same time against the opposition, charging them for an attempted coup and cooperation with foreign secret services. Supported by his media lackeys and regular apologists of the government, fear and insecurity is being introduced, and the country is pushed into even more dramatic political and security crisis.

The number of political prisoners in Macedonia is increasing. Suspension of the rule of law and democracy is ongoing. For years, we witness arrests of journalists, political opposition, intellectuals... We witnessed the beating of opposition MPs in the Parliament on Black Monday in 2012. As human rights activists, we are experiencing harassment and denigration in the media on daily basis. We witness countless cases of violation of human rights and freedoms of individuals and groups. An owner of independent media died under suspicious circumstances. An innocent journalist is serving a prison sentence. We live in a country where discrimination and despotism peak at institutional level, among other things, as a consequence of the complete politicization of society and institutions. This is another case that threatens the fundaments of law and democracy.


We demand from the opposition SDSM to publish all data on corruption and other practices of government, thus end the uncertainty that lasts for months.

We demand from the government to immediately stop the police-media hunt against those who think differently.

The action "Coup", by the way it was started and is being conducted, aims to bring fear and anxiety. It must immediately stop, because it will bring unforeseeable consequences for the society.

We demand from the judiciary and prosecution to obtain complete transparency and openness for domestic and foreign legal experts and observers. Data and evidence of corruption and other illegal practices and actions that will be gathered by the prosecutor's office must be treated according to the highest standards, transparently and in accordance with the Constitution and laws of the Republic of Macedonia.

CIVIL - Center for Freedom

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