CIVIL with field activities for promotion of green values, antinationalism and social justice

CIVIL continues intensively with activities on the ground. Tomorrow, CIVIL’s team will visit the Vardar and Tikvesh region.

The purpose of these visits is promotion of the project “Green Future”, which CIVIL is implementing in cooperation with Heinrich Bǒll – Sarajevo.

CIVIL will visit the Municipalities of Gradsko and Rosoman in the morning hours, and the in the afternoon hours, the citizens of Negotino and Kavadarci will have the opportunity to learn about the goals of the project.

At the info stands, in direct communication with CIVIL’s team, the citizens of these four municipalities will be able to share their ideas and thoughts on social justice, green values and antinationalism, but also on how they are connected and influence social changes.

CIVIL invites all interested citizens who would like to share their thoughts on these topics and have ideas how to contribute to Green Future, to write a message on the organization’s Facebook page. CIVIL’s team is always open for direct communication at the numerous info stands in Skopje and throughout the country. More information on CIVIL’s activities can be found  here.

CIVIL Communication Team


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