An event that must not be missed: “A fight, not a tavern!”

CIVIL – Center for Freedom, tomorrow starting at 12 noon at Menada, is organizing a pre-March 8 panel discussion “A fight, not a tavern”, dedicated to women’s rights, but also to the essence of celebrating March 8.

Savka Todorovska, President of the National Council for Gender Equality, activists Daniela Mircevska and Merita Maksuti, Diana Tahiri and Maja Ivanovska from CIVIL, as well as the equal among women, the President of CIVIL, Xhabir Deralla will all speak at the panel.

In addition to these speakers, one more person will also make an address, who will be a real surprise for the participants and who will contribute to a different kind of approach in the discussion on women’s rights.

The topic is dedicated to the need of a fight, and not celebrating in taverns on the Day of women’s rights, in a society in which in addition to the development of awareness among the people, unfortunately, still many women face serious and real problems that are much bigger than in which tavern Women’s Day will be celebrated, or how much money will be given for the teacher’s present.

How to fight for women’s rights when we do not understand the essence of March 8, is the question to which our interlocutors will try to give an answer.

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