CIVIL continues with antinationalism action

Recently, CIVIL called on citizens to report cases of hate speech in the media, social networks and on the streets. At the same time, CIVIL’s media platform started publishing columns dedicated to the hot topic of nationalism in the country.

CIVIL’s research-journalistic team will continue its dynamic communication with the citizens, with the intention of helping their voice being heard. In a situation of destructive political campaigns, the organization has noted the need for dialogue in society and overcoming hatred and divisions. Macedonia is in the center of processes when there is a need to discuss issues, to integrate society and to hear everyone’s voice, without aggression and fake news.

These topics are part of the project “Patriotism – YES, nationalism – NO!”, dedicated to strengthening coexistence, improving relations with neighbors and accelerating Macedonia’s Euro-Atlantic integration processes.

CIVIL’s teams will raise the following questions “What is patriotism, and what is nationalism? What are the benefits and consequences of one and the other? What can the citizens, and what can the institutions and other structures of power in the country do in order to overcome the consequences of the destructive effect of nationalism?

The answers will be sought through surveys, columns and interviews, and analyses and recommendations will also be prepared that the organization will announce at meetings with the media and the citizens, as well as with institutions at the local and national level.

The project is supported by the CIVICA MOBILITAS program.

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