CIVIL’s team visited the municipalities of Valandovo and Strumica this morning, where it spoke with citizens about green values, social justice and antinationalism.

At the info stands of these two municipalities, in direct communication with the CIVILians, citizens shared their views, suggestions and ideas on these topics.

Following these visits a workshop titled “Green Future” will be held at 1.00 pm in the municipal hall of the Municipality of Stip, where representatives of the local government, the NGO sector and all interested active citizens will take part.

“These past years, the number of non-governmental organizations dealing with these topics has rapidly increased in the Republic of North Macedonia. Problems with social (in)justice, green values, contrary to the disaster from the pollution that is happening to us, are ever more mentioned in pre-election campaigns of political parties, and declarative commitments are often heard in the public about one society for all, while the reality is completely different. Who are we, where are we, what are we doing and what are the results? These are part of the questions that we will try to answer at this workshop, where there will really be interesting things to be heard and said”, is said from CIVIL.

After the workshop on the Stip square, citizens will have the opportunity to inform themselves at CIVIL’s info stand about the goals of this project, and how they can contribute to improving society.

CIVIL is implementing the project “Green Future” in cooperation with Heinrich Bǒll from Sarajevo.

Photos: CIVIL Team

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