CIVIL – Center for Freedom appeals to citizens to help in the revision of the Voters Register and to report irregularities. Citizens can perform public inspection of the Voters Register until midnight September 9.

Despite the assessment of the SEC that the citizen inspection of the Voters Register is satisfactory, CIVIL urges all citizens with the right to vote, to check their data in the Voters Register as soon as possible and to report irregularities, that is, should there be a need, to have changes made in the Voters Register.

The Voters Register remains a challenge for the State Election Commission, despite its efforts for a revision. Having in consideration the previous experience, but also the state of the Voters Register at the referendums during the past months, CIVIL concludes that, in addition to involving relevant institutions in solving the problems with the Voters Register, that the SEC needs assistance and cooperation from the electorate and civil society organizations.  The State Election Commission anticipates two ways of checking the Voters Register for the local elections on October 15, within the Municipal Election Commissions or by electronic check.

CIVIL recommends that citizens, if possible, use both manners of inspecting the Voters Register, in order to assist in harmonizing the data. CIVIL’s previous experience indicates numerous examples where citizens figure on the Voters Register according to the electronic check, but not figure with an on-site inspection. At the same time, CIVIL calls on citizens to also inform CIVIL about any irregularities in the Voters Register.

According to the SEC’s report, a total of 16.319 citizens have checked their data in the Voters Register until September 3.

Given that at the previous early parliamentary elections in 2016, a total of 1.784.416 citizens had the right to vote, CIVIL concludes that with such a pace of conducting inspection of the Voters Register, that the SEC will be once again facing chaos on the day of the elections.

During this week, CIVIL will present its own view and analysis on the topic Voters Register, based on previous knowledge, but also on reports from citizens that started shortly after the Voters Register was opened for public inspection.

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