CIVIL is a place where arguments and views cross, as opposed to disinformation and black propaganda

CIVIL calls on individuals who comment on CIVIL’s social profiles not to manipulate with facts and to refrain from insulting and vulgar speech! In the comments of certain content, individual’s express pure fabrications and lies. The drive of the comments is obvious and well-known.

This also refers to certain media and political parties which, obviously, engage serious resources to deal with our organization, literally on a daily basis, for years now. Instead, they can respond positively to the numerous invitations for events and interviews, where they can express their views and arguments on relevant topics. This way they will save time and resources that originate from the taxpayers of our country.

Data on the work and financing of CIVIL are regularly published and are well-known to the public. The diverse views, supported with relevant data, information and analyses are nurtured and promoted. That is known by most people.

On this occasion, once again we would like to outline that in our Organization everything is published with maximum transparency, which is an obligation according to all professional and ethical standards that have been governing the Organization since its foundation in 1999 until now. In fact, the media platform that CIVIL has been running in Macedonian, Albanian and English since its establishment is evidence of this. With the purpose of improving its communication with the public, in 2009 the Editorial Office of CIVIL MEDIA was established.

CIVIL is a place where arguments and views cross, as opposed to disinformation and black propaganda. The views are diverse, often even opposing. Experts, intellectuals and politicians with different beliefs and orientations publish their views on CIVIL’s media platform. The exception to this are certain political circles that even in international frameworks are known as centers of disinformation.

Our media platform gives contribution to the public on a daily basis by publishing different views, opinions and analyses on key processes and events in the Macedonian society. This can be confirmed with just one glance of CIVIL’s internet portals.

Let us remind: Comments with insults, lies and slander will be archived and published. We do not accept requests for deleting the texts in which we will disclose the commentators and their profiles.

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