CIVIL dynamics in the following period

At CIVIL’s press conference that was held before the start of the panel discussion “Headless Macedonia”, CIVIL representatives Xhabir Deralla and Sinisa Stankovic presented the upcoming activities for the following four weeks.

Final report of election observation

CIVIL, as always, will publish the final report of the election observation in record time before the end of the month of January. As usual, it is a report which, without diplomatic gloves and without a bit of partiality and curtailing, will contain all the facts on the election irregularities and will present a series of in-depth analysis of the entire election process. In implementing the monitoring, we would like to particularly highlight the cooperation with GONG from Republic of Croatia, whose experts and observers were part of our team numbering 300 people. CIVIL supported and cooperated with many international organizations and observation missions during the election process, starting with the ODIHR mission, but also with the missions of AEGEE, SILBO, DiploCat, IESC within which were observers from the Russian Golos, along with many other organizations. Support: German funds from the Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe and the US Embassy in Skopje.

Freedom Caravan

CIVIL will also organize a multimedia event for the promotion of the documentary film on the Freedom Caravan, a project that started in July 2016 and one that has brought together over 400 artists, intellectuals and activist who speak and work for freedom. Support: USAID.


Civic Lenses

CIVIL will continue awarding prizes for citizen journalists, as well as with seminars for citizen journalists who reveal abuses and violation of human rights and freedoms in the country. Support: National Endowment for Democracy.

Civil society

CIVIL, in cooperation with the Heinrich Bὅll Foundation, will hold a panel discussion and a promotion of the magazine “Narrowing the space”, dedicated to the growing pressures, obstructions and limitations for civil actions that are set by centers of power in societies in the region.

Monitoring of local elections and the political process

CIVIL has started with preparations for the long-term election monitoring of the upcoming local elections and of the political process for overcoming the political crisis in the country.


CIVIL has started the regional project RETROaktiva, dedicated to citizen activism from the 80s of the last century until today, in partnership with GONG, Croatia, the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Anima from Montenegro and the Centre for Cultural Contamination from Serbia. The first project results will be announced towards mid-February. Support: Europe for Citizens, EU


Today we are announcing the official start of the media projects, the information portals of CIVIL Media, and just two of them: and Support: Civica Mobilitas and donors of all of CIVIL’s projects.

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