CIVIL condemns the hate speech and threats to the life of the Prime Minister and other political leaders

CIVIL – Center for Freedom strongly condemns hate speech of all political subjects and individuals, organized or unorganized groups, as well as the threats to the life of Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and other political leaders, which the person presenting himself as the leader of the Christian Brotherhood organization, Zarko Grozdanovski published in a video message.

The Christian Brotherhood is one of the organizations, close to the radical groups that protested against the Prespa Agreement and the Law on Languages, with part of them being members of the parties of the right-wing political bloc that led the protests that culminated with the attack on the Parliament on April 27, 2017. Their “honorary guests” at the protests were Janko Bacev, Stevce Jakimovski and most of the other more and lesser known radicals. After several months of silence, the Christian Brotherhood has appeared through its spokesperson, Grozdanovski. Supposedly, their “withdrawal” from the public was because of their analyzing of the “stupidity of the politicians”.

The reason for the video is the detention of one of their members Toni Mitreski – the north, due to an attack on an officer on duty. This person, according to Grozdanovski's address on Facebook, had only been defending the constitution, while the others had been hiding.

CIVIL has determined that in this video there is hate speech and open threats to the life of Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, but also against others, unspecified government representatives and “all political leaders”.

“Do not in any case play games with the Christian Brotherhood. I am telling you and I am standing behind my words. Zaev, I had you in my hands two times, I let you go two times. Do not mess with any of my brothers by faith… I let you go two times, if you don’t believe me, ask your people in UBK. The first time in Makedonski Brod, the second time in Jasen and Kozjak… Two times I had the chance to set Macedonia on fire, but I withdrew because I gave my word:  I will not raise a gun on a Macedonian… Do not send a penalty or compel to fine or, God forbid, imprison any of my men, brothers by faith, sworn in a sacred place… I swear on the cross and faith that you and SDSM and DPMNE and all the leaders in Macedonia will be gone… I am Zarko Grozdanovski. Boy, you are a traitor!”, is part of the speech published on the Facebook page of the Christian Brotherhood.

The question remains as to whether the UBK really did know about the plans for the liquidation of Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and other political leaders. Apart from expecting a police-legal resolution of this case, the institutions need to also respond to the question how serious these threats are and why haven’t appropriate security measures been taken until now – is said in CIVIL’s reaction.

CIVIL Communication Team

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