Referendum in Bosilovo under CIVIL’s scrutiny

CIVIL – Center for Freedom will be observing the referendum in the Municipality of Bosilovo that will be held on Sunday (September 3), at which the citizens of Bosilovo will be voting on whether they support the work of the Ilovica mine. Eleven observers have been accredited. Two mobile teams and a team from CIVIL Media will be on the ground to monitor the implementation of the referendum and to inform the public during the day.

There will be two questions on the referendum ballot, one is whether the citizens are “for” or “against” the opening of the copper and gold mine – Ilovica, and the other is whether they are “for” or “against” the opening and digging of metals or metallic ore.

In Bosilovo there are 19 polling stations, but without a final version of the Voters Register for this municipality. The Municipal Election Commission still did not have a final version until this announcement was published, but informed CIVIL that it would be done by the end of the working hours.

CIVIL is available to citizens who want to report irregularities during the implementation of the referendum. Reports on irregularities can be made on the telephone number: 071 / 608 523, 075 / 389 699 and 075/ 389 699, and the website Free Elections is also available for reporting election irregularities, and messages can be also be sent on the Facebook page Free Elections. 

The form for reporting political pressures, mobbing and discrimination is an online application available to citizens to report report irregularities at any time.

During the referendum, CIVIL will be informing the public through announcements, through news articles on the CIVIL Media website, and through information on CIVIL’s social networks about the results of the on the ground observation.

For now, CIVIL remains the only civil society organization that follows all the referendums continuously, from the very start, from the unsuccessful referendum on the City Shopping Centre GTC, up to the referendum in Valandovo.



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