TV Sitel in a ferocious attack against CIVIL

Low, vulgar, manipulative and full of hate speech is the latest attack against CIVIL conducted by the government controlled media, led by one of the national broadcasters TV Sitel. On August 5, TV Sitel launched a new series of ferocious attacks on CIVIL and has accused and insulted its person in charge Xhabir Deralla.

Here, we bring the translation in English from the transcript of the video broadcasted on all TV Sitel news editions on August 5, 2015, also publicized on TV Sitel’s website, and re-publicized by a dozen of media under control of the ruling party. We warn the audience that these features are quite illogical and contradictory at moments. It is due to the authors at TV Sitel, the translation is correct.

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Screenshot, TV Sitel website


TV Sitel: [LINK] VIDEO, August 5, 2015


English translation of the transcript of the video published on August 5, 2015:

"Yesterday, Sitel revealed a scandalous connection and networking of 46 NGOs, all financed by Soros and all in service of SDSM [Social Democratic Union of Macedonia – lead opposition political party]. Altogether they share five million euro annually, within a small circle of about twenty persons and others who collect crumbs.

CIVIL is one of the NGOs that receives the largest amounts of money from Soros and works actively for SDSM. In addition to being constantly financed by Soros, CIVIL is also known for having taken public money and for functioning at the same time as a founder in several other non-governmental organizations under the network of Soros Macedonia. Xhabir Deralla, head of the organization of CIVIL, openly promotes SDSM policies with money for political projects received from Soros, whilst other Soros organizations engage Xhabir Deralla as an expert in other projects. Thereby, the circle is closed. They appear as founders, they quote each other and they share money among themselves. Their constant is to serve the purpose of SDSM policies, and only of SDSM, and forever. In particular, you can see Xhabir Deralla in the party projects “Citizens for Macedonia” and “Ajde”.

It is no secret that Soros has taken SDSM over for its own purposes and needs, but CIVIL goes a step further. Recently, CIVIL and Xhabir Deralla publicly demanded that they should participate in the implementation of the June agreement, in parallel with SDSM and VMRO-DPMNE, thus practically being greater politicians than the politicians.

“MRTV under the control of the opposition, we consider this to be really insufficient. Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services should be under control of the civil society”. Upon these words of the Soros Foundation precisely by CIVIL and Xhabir Deralla, there is no doubt that the Sorosoids consciously and with premeditation are destroying institutions and parties and want to be a major part of the policy of the future government.

Otherwise, Deralla and his organization CIVIL in just 3 years from 2011 to 2014 have reported a revenue of 524,569 euro, whereby the NGO of CIVIL has almost no expenditures. When the issue is raised in regards to this money, CIVIL and the legality of the revenues of Xhabir Deralla, he is defended by the other 40 Soros organizations and their partners from some embassies, and when nothing else passes, Xhabir Deralla becomes an Albanian by profession, whereby CIVIL and Xhabir Deralla are interested only in money, specifically, money with a party task in favor of SDSM.

In 2005, when personnel of SDSM led the Broadcasting Council, Deralla and CIVIL had been granted with a project worth 27,000 EURO to make a film. Deralla, on behalf of CIVIL took that money, but the film was never made, which is an example of a classic fraud with public money. After the scandal was discovered a lawsuit was filed in 2013 for recovering the embezzled money.

Lastly, the organization of Xhabir Deralla – CIVIL, is part of the underground political network of the Soros foundation. Its staff consists of only four people, yet it has a revenue of over 500,000 EURO. How much of this money has been paid off, to whom, and whether any taxes have been paid, we do not know. The financial controls that will follow will be under the strong attack by the Soros underground network and by some of its ties to the diplomatic world. Nobody in Macedonia is legally privileged as are the activists and organizations of Soros, who are above and beyond the law. And that is not all, the story for the underground political network of Soros continues.


Below the video broadcasted on the same day (August 5, 2015), TV Sitel publicized an article with a slightly different content. Here is the translation of that article:


TV Sitel: “Civil” cashed-in half a million euro from Soros in just 3 years

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Screenshot, TV Sitel website


Translation in English:

"He receives a lot of money from Soros, during the time of SDSM he has also received public money and he appears in several non-governmental organizations of the Macedonian political underground. Xhabir Deralla is revealed as a major Sorosoid who, for the interests of SDSM, represents himself as a NGO sector.

Despite these facts, Deralla demand to get a position of decision-maker in the negotiations for overcoming the political crisis. More specifically, he requires to be an authority without elections. Deralla and his organization “Civil” in just 3 years from 2011 to 2014 reported a revenue of  524.569 EURO. According to economic experts, even the most successful medium-sized companies do not earn as much for this period of time.

Most citizens have never heard of “Civil” and its activities. Nevertheless, the organization has been receiving grants from the Soros Foundation, international donors and also from the country. In 2005, when personnel of SDSM led the Broadcasting Council, Deralla and Civil had been approved with a project worth 27,000 euro to make a film. The film has not seen the light of day, and in 2013, the Council submitted a complaint against him.

According to sources from the Broadcasting Council, because of the illogical agreement that was prepared by the president of SDSM at that time, the court estimated that Deralla should not return the money, but should start filming - eight years after they took the money.

In addition to these engagements, Deralla appears in non-governmental organizations of the Macedonian political underground, such as “Ajde” and “Citizens of Macedonia”. His organization is one of the older Soros organizations in Macedonia.

Although its staff consists of four persons, they represent themselves as experts on elections, media, human rights, film, music, European integrations and everything for which they can get grants from the “political underground"."

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