Civil will release more information on the press conference at 8:30 h p.m. in front of the Mother Theresa Statue

Civil-Slobodni i Nenasilni Izbori 2013Civil's observers, who have been reporting on irregularities during today's electoral rerun from its very beginning, notice that they have gained in intensity in the afternoon hours, as the closing hour of the polling stations is approaching.

Tensions in the close vicinity of the polling stations in Dom na gradezhni rabotnici (Civil Engineers Home) are on the rise in the afternoon hours, allegedly due to the expected wave of voters from Pustec, Albania, who shed serious doubt on possible demographic intervention in the municipality Center during the last round of the elections.

Several observers have noticed voters from Pustec around the Football Federation of Macedonia (FFM), but also voters from Veles, Strumica, Kavadarci, Aerodrom and Butel, in addition to voters born in "XXK", or without designated birth place.

Party activists have been standing in front of the polling station 2839 within Rabotnichki Univerzitet (Worker's University), trying to persuade citizens that the voting is not today, but on April 28, or trying to convince them that this is not their polling station.

Public calling over voters have been reported on the polling station 2854 in FFM.

Armed police officers have been seen in the hallway of the Primary School Pestaloci.

The elevators in several multi-storey buildings on "Naroden Front" and "Vasil Gjorgov" streets have "mysteriously" stopped working.

In front of Dom na gradezhni rabotnici (Civil Engineers Home), uniformed police officers and police officers dressed as civilians have been identifying and recording the names of the present journalists; refusing, in the same time, to show their identification documents to them.

Party activists have been preventing television crews and journalists from minding their work at several polling stations in Center.

Civil's observer has been prevented from monitoring by the electoral committee at the polling station 2839 (Rabotnichki Univerzitet (Worker's University). Following the intervention by Civil's mobile team, our observer has continued the monitoring.

According to a telephone call received from a citizen, a specific person has been acting violently at the polling unit 2808 in the presence of the police officers, who, according to our notification, did not react to this kind of behaviour.

Organised transportation and political agitation have been reported in Zhitoshe, within the municipality Dolneni, where strong police presence is noticed. In front of the polling station in the village Debreshte, municipality Dolneni, camera for video recording has been mounted at the police vehicle, overlooking the entrance of the polling station.

Civil will release more information on the press conference at 8:30 h in front of Mother Theresa Statue.

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