The ruling party enters into a fictitious competition, trying to escape responsibility for crime

CIVIL – Center for Freedom and many other relevant institutions, organizations and experts and national and international level have given explicit assessments that not even minimum conditions have been created for holding free and credible elections on June 5. VMRO-DPMNE has decided to go for elections alone, and thus confronted the entire domestic and worldwide public.

This behavior of the ruling party, short of support of its coalition partner in the government, represents a serious attack on the efforts for overcoming the political crisis in the country.

The institutions in the Republic of Macedonia, such as the Parliament, and the State Election Commission, as well, have the responsibility to help in overcoming this situation and prevent yet another electoral theft. We urge them to take urgent steps to prevent this electoral farce and grotesque, which is scandalous, both in political and legal sense of the word.

Any comparison with other situations in the past are pointless, even more so, as serious criminal investigation on electoral theft is under way, about previous electoral processes that are organized by the ruling party. This is an irrational case, in which the ruling party wants to compete with itself, trying to escape real confrontation with its political opponents, but also from responsibility for its crimes. Ironically, the question is raised on whether the rulers will be able to win without frauds even in fictitious elections, in which it will be the only one to compete.

Republic of Macedonia neither has the time, nor the money for such senseless maneuvers.

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