101 Session of Parliament: There will be no elections on June 5!

From a total of 105 Members of Parliament that were present, 101 MP’s voted to accept the initiative of Talat Dzaferi on the draft Law on amending the electoral code in shortened procedure, which was the only item on the agenda of the Assembly Session that was scheduled today. The changes do not anticipate the new date for holding parliamentary elections. With a majority vote, and at the proposal of the Technical Prime Minister Emil Dimitriev, the Assembly voted for Dime Spasov and Mitko Cavkov to return to the functions Minister of Labour and Social Policy and Minister of Interior. This follows after the Assembly previously confirmed the resignations of Ministers Oliver Spasovski and Frosina Remenski, who, along with the additional deputy ministers submitted their resignations on April 6, prior to the dissolution of the Parliament.

Member of Parliament from the opposition LDP, Goran Milevski, reacted to this addressed a question to Dimitriev asking if the decisions for the resignations of the SDSM ministers are valid in the newly created situation, then why does the same not apply to Dimitriev, who continues to be a Prime Minister.

After opposition MP’s voted against, wearing badges with a raised fist, they left the session. The Members of Parliament from DPA did not attend the session at all, as previously Menduh Taci had announced, according to whom the reconvening of the Assembly is a political agreement between VMRO-DPMNE and DUI.

Marija Tegovska

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