The Speak Up!project continues with a multimedia event followed by a panel discussion in Bitola. The event will take place on Friday, November 22 in the Hotel Theatre, beginning at 7 pm.

speak up in bitola event (m)sThe multimedia exhibition will include artworks by Miroslav Stojanovic – Shuki, Maja Stefanovska, HaraldSchenker, Alexandra Maya Milosevic and Xhabir Deralla, as well as screening of the short art-film “Muteness” by Maja Stefanovska. These artworks are created in the frame of the Speak Up! project dedicated to defense of human rights and freedoms, and strengthening of solidarity among citizens. Authors are inspired by the situation of human rights and freedoms in the country, freedom of speech, social and citizen rights.

After the opening of the exhibition, poets will “speak up” in the frame of the project component “Freedom Lyrics”.

Panel discussion will follow on the “Societal Role of the Artists in Defense of Human Rights and Freedoms” where speakers will be LiljanaMazova, MiroslavStojanovic – Shuki, IlirAjdini and Xhabir Deralla.

The project is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany and is implemented at a national level.

At the beginning of the project, Civil released the Speak UP! Manifesto that addressed artists as follows: “Express yourself! Do not hesitate, do not be afraid. You are the one to rise and develop, leave traces of freedom and courage behind. You are never alone. Your thoughts and your deeds, your creations are your companions. You don’t need recognition from those who commit crimes against beauty, those who understand nothing but the power of money and violence. Confront them with creativity and human values. This is a call for solidarity among those who bring changes to the world for just being what they are. This is a call for the liberation of thoughts.Call for Action. Speak Up!“

Now, “Speak Up!” can take pride as a project with numerous multimedia art and media events and a production of artworks through which many artists broke the silence.

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