Stop violence against Albanians

International Forum for Human Rights and Freedom (IGFM) and other organizations protested to express revolt against state institutions silence regarding the attacks that are made ​​in Radishani to Zeqiri family.

The President of IGFM Idriz Sinani, said that the purpose of this meeting is a matter of national, humanitarian and solidarity.

"The case with Zeqiri family is just the culmination of a systematic antialbanian policy that was never stopped in Macedonia. It is a case which preceded to many soldiers of freedom celled, arrests in mounted cases, poisoning of Albanian children in schools, as well as numerous attacks in schools and buses. If we as a nation show that we are not able to speak out against injustices, such acts will repeat in the future. If today a victim of attacks is Zeqiri family, tomorrow a potential victim will be every Albanian family. For this reason we gather here, to send the message throughout Europe and the world, that Albanians are not able to endure more injustices, which is also manifested in terrorist attacks, such as attacks in Radishani" Sinan said.

"We are gathered here to express our revolt to the injustice that are done to Albanians from Macedonia. The last case in Radishani has worried all Albanians, except those that are sitting on couches. We want the case to be solve as fast as possible and Zeqiri family  to feel safe in their home, " said Bejtula Bushi, representative of the student organization.

At this protest the Mayor of Struga, Ziјadin Sela was present  to support Zeqiri family.

"When the state doesn’t function, the right for protection passes to the citizens. It’s like that in the whole world, and the same should be for us, too. The new composition of the legislature should adopt a weapons law, citizens legally carry guns at home. The new parliamentary composition should approve law for carrying weapon, that citizens in a legal way can keep weapons in their houses", said Sela.

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