CIVIL: The youth are victims of wrong policies

Civil calls all institutions and all political subjects to take urgent steps to prevent the rise of ethnical tensions after yesterday’s murder in Gjorce Petrov. The right to protest doesn’t represent the right of destruction and violence.
Yesterday’s murder in this neighborhood which was ethnically connected tell us about the social and moral decline of the society, whether life is worth for living. This tragedy once again showed that the worship of weapon is so widespread that even for a small theft there’s no doubt for its usage.
The divisions on ethnical, religious and political lines present a tool for problematic electoral process and ethnically motivated. Such political situation deepens divisions and encourages violence. Report on youth is extremely irresponsible and ignoring them is lasting for years, except when it needs to be instrumentalized for political purposes.
The rude reactions and riotous behavior in the streets of Gjorce Petrov is nothing but a result of wrong policies and wrong practice, strongly supported by media megaphones, who spread hate between citizens of this country.
Therefore, we urge responsibility for dealing with tensions and the beginning of an extensive action at national level.
Institutions should begin to function and work to overcome the political crisis and restoring confidence between ethnic communities and citizens system, despite of the right of manipulation with the youth.
The media should stop using hate speech and promoting ethnic tensions.
It should be understood that the worship of weapons and violence will not be exceeded with the sponsorship of nationalism and religious fanaticism. This can only be done through the promotion of higher civilizational values and respect for human rights and freedoms equally for all citizens.
Respect for right and freedom, action against nationalism and extremism, depoliticization of society, are the only salvation for this country.

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