Gjorgje, leave silently, the shame is too big!

In the last several years, many times I have been wanting to write you a message or letter, with a most well-meant proposal – for you to withdraw from your function and return to being a Professor (even though there you will have to bear strongly the rage of the pure student souls, whose trust you betrayed, by serving the family), and at one time I even considered writing an open letter like this one, for the sake of our three decade acquaintance and the fact that I considered You as friend. But I gave up on that idea, and instead wrote editorials and reports on Your statements and appearances, criticizing You, with the hope that you would realize what is unavoidable, and that you would leave silently, waiting for time to cover up the shame…


By: Sinisa Stankovic

After having read that an extra-parliamentary party submitted an initiative to the Constitutional Court “for initiating a procedure on the existence of circumstances which may affect President Ivanov in his inability to perform his function”, because “it fears that there are situations that affect the mental state and thinking of Ivanov, in that he will not be able to understand what actions he is undertaking”, I, nevertheless, decided – to address You directly.

Enough Gjorgje!

Try to pick up the broken pieces of glass of the dignity and of the professional integrity that You have remaining after Your seven years of presidency, seven sad years for Macedonia and for You. You were a professor, but have become an object of ridicule on the social networks, an inexhaustible topic for twitters, a top chat on the neighborhood streets, where even citizens poisoned with pro-government media are already mocking with “the Jorge – Ficus”… I couldn’t understand your silence for a long time, and didn’t believe in selling your vocation (soul?), because I didn’t know you as a spoiled person whose lucrativity would push him to violation of the law, in support of the criminals and blindness in front of justice…but, when you finally found the courage and spoke out, like thousands of other citizens, I regretted that you hadn’t remained silent.

You have started to humiliate yourself and the country that you were supposed to represent better, regardless of how you were “elected” for that function. So don’t wait for the results of the impeachment that the clique in power can easily rig through its servile, voting machine. Instead, leave silently, secretly if necessary, if you can’t repent publically for all the things Your orderers have done to this poor country (while You, Professor, at first were silent, shutting Your eyes and pretending to be senseless, and after jointly supporting them), leave, because there is too much shame…so great that will keep the cheeks of your next generations burning.

After the official part of the interview you gave me in Your first presidential campaign, at the “Putnik” election headquarters, you said that you were framed for the Hunza, that Frckoski was unfair with the mocking on “Paki-stani”, that you were sincere in the promises for changes, that you are a Macedonian and a patriot, and that the party security of VMRO-DPMNE around You from whose phones echoed songs from Ceca even while we were recording, is part of politics to which you had to get used to…And your arguments seemed to be still in line.

Well, maybe you were right for being angry at Crvenkovski and at SDSM, I’m not quite sure, family does come first…but to give up on your own beliefs and to indulge in a friendship with the “ancient” ones (even if they were from Valandovo, that type of local-patriotism is just not fit for an intellectual, right?), to support the building of a new national identity through eerie projects such as “Skopje 2014’, to open a front against the EU, primarily against Germany and the US, to spread paranoia about a “worldwide conspiracy” against Macedonia, with cries that “nobody likes us”… I really can’t understand what in fact was the trigger to all of this?

During Your first term, when the citizens were still not massively joking with Your irrational outbursts in public, I used to tell my younger colleagues that at the time when we still used to know You as Gjorgji, and when you were part of the positive energy that at the end of the eighties and the beginning of the nineties was spreading around the publication “Mlad Borec” (yet as a professor, you managed to keep a slight distance from rookie journalists, musicians and the progressive youth, which in the Macedonian dark vilayet, thirsty for freedom, a bit uncritically were declared as a kind of “Macedonia spring”), and that during visits to Belgrade we were proud when representatives of Slovenia in the Yugoslavian Youth Organization would praise You, as one of the few Macedonians who had views “ahead of their time”…The rookie journalists either looked at me with eyes wide open, or they teased me in the sense that the “sadness for the youth” had “refreshed” and embellished my memories…

Yet, I defended you…Up to the moment when you finally and irretrievably lost my respect, when you didn’t show up at the commemoration of Nikola Mladenov, which as far as I can remember, he considered you a friend. I was so ashamed, of Your shame! I couldn’t believe that you did not manage to find the courage and strength to come and pay respect, no matter how afraid you were from your bosses. According to the “bombs”, they called all of us “idiots” who were seeking real investigation for his extremely suspicious death and who will be claiming that this was an execution of a political opponent until otherwise proved. Or, maybe you were right for fearing them? Didn’t you once say that You as a president have access to secret information…

Enough Gjorgje!

The time when we used to laugh at the “blunders” that “January will come after December” and that “we need to put lead on our feet so that they don’t fly off”, at the gaffes on “St. Paul of Paljurci”, at the “kosmodisk democracy” and at “the reasonable compromise which means a reasonable compromise” (in which we can also mention “Chirac, the US President” or “Alexander”, the teacher of “Alexander of Macedonia”), when we used to forgive you for your nervousness, for your “tongue tied” and the complex of a newcomer from the countryside, after the “meetings” with international statesmen, you stumbled in public with the “winking at Obama” and with the Brussels dance with the multi-party person Bocevski (when you realized that if “you do not stand together, you will hang separately”, which also became a political credo for You..), it is time for you to move out of the way of the prodemocracy forces.

Try at least a little to correct the accumulated sins, like the last one, with the despicable game of the selective abolition, which pushed Macedonia away from the only path for restoring the state of law and justice. And instead of visiting food and beverage festivals…free yourself of the political burden from your shoulders, write a memoir prose, or devote yourself to the pomegranates of your youth…

Because, my former acquaintance (friend?), You reached the level at which concerning the question “how Alexander of Macedonia would today manage business in Macedonia?”, you replied that “even if Jesus Christ were to appear (in Macedonia – n.b) they would kill him. The same also applies to Muhamed. He would also be killed if he were to appear.” What, Gjorgje?

And now the citizens have requested that You are not to be allowed to represent Macedonia abroad and that Your legal capacity needs to be checked. And so they will demand…No matter how sincere the confession to Your version of the “Macedonian dream” was – “When I could have become a President, why can’t they (the youth) have a dream to become something in life” – The Devil took the joke away. Long time ago.

Leave Gjorgje, humbly, like you used to be when the people still respected You.


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