Referendum: CIVIL’s report at 7pm

The Referendum in Bogdanci, which is deciding for the future of the Kazandol mine and the opening of other mines in the municipality – is successful. The turnout until 7.00pm is 60,78%, or 4,205 who have voted out of a total of 6.918 voters. In the statement for the media, right after the closing of the polling stations, Xhabir Deralla, on behalf of CIVIL – Center for Freedom, congratulated the citizens of the Municipality of Bogdanci for the successfully implemented referendum.

Xhabir Deralla, CIVIL, statement for the media

CIVIL’s observers from the ground reveal minor and expected problems. Pressures are also noted. In the last 24 hours, many citizens of the Municipality of Bogdanci received phone calls from VMRO-DPMNE activists not to go to today’s voting, or to vote in favor of opening mines, that is, for continuation of the work of the Kazandol mine.

Even though the initiative “Save Bogdanci” is supported by the Municipal Council, namely, by all the parties, as well as civil society organizations, pressures against the success of the referendum are nevertheless evident, which makes it obvious that the party structures at the local and central level have different positions in terms of this issue.

More than 10 citizens could not realize their right, as they did not figure on the Voters Register. At one polling station it was noted that the UV lamp had not been working.

CIVIL’s observers also report that some members of the electoral boards are not sufficiently trained.

CIVIL’s observers will remain on the ground until the counting of the votes has ended.


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