Expert panel: Macedonia in a legal and political limbo

CIVIL – Center for Freedom is organizing an expert panel discussion “Macedonia: Legal and political limbo” on Thursday, January 26, at hotel Park Residence, behind the football stadium, beginning at 12:30.

The postelection period in the Republic of Macedonia has brought new uncertainties, prolonged political tensions and serious legal dilemmas.

  • Did President Gorge Ivanov follow the Constitution and laws entirely, in the process of mandating for government formation?
  • Was the first Parliament session according to the laws and the rulebook?
  • Is there an overlap in execution of public positions of members of the Parliament, who are ministers at the same time?
  • Does Johan Tarculovski have the right to be a member of the Parliament, having in mind that he is a convicted war criminal?

These and other important questions will be discussed by experts invited to this discussion.

CIVIL invites media, representatives of the civil society, political parties, international community and interested citizens. After the presentations of the panelists, discussion will follow.

As always, questions and comments by the online community will be welcomed.

Event’s hashtag is #лимбоМК, #limboMK

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