Electoral board in Tearce violates procedures, retains authorizations of CIVIL’s observers

The Electoral Board at polling station 2011 in Tearce, where there is a rerun today, asked for and retained the authorizations of CIVIL’s observers, which is against the procedure. The observers were told they would get them back after the closing of the polling stations.

Numerous violations of the election procedure were noted today, starting from the opening. The election material was being organized until the last minute, so the polling station opened with a delay of several minutes. It was also noted that members of the Electoral Board were in constant telephone communication during the day, especially in the first part of the day.

The UV lamps stopped working. The first stopped working at 8:30h in the morning, whereas the second one stopped working at 8:55h, and at 9:05 it was determined that they were working after all. Eight or more voters had been turned back while the UV lamps were supposedly not working. It is strange how precisely these lamps were not working today. It is only one polling station!

A member of the Electoral Board addressed the journalists with a high tone and expelled them from the polling station, even though it seems that the same did not apply to one television station with a national concession. The Electoral Board was unable to help a voter who could not be found on the Voters Register, even though previously he figured on the online version.


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