Speak Up Manifesto

Visual artists, writers, poets, musicians,
filmmakers, actors, performers and artists of all kinds,

creative people, recognized and unrecognized,
those who create artworks and those who try,

those who use mainstream tools and genres,
and those using unconventional tools, materials and media,

those who use air, water, earth and fire,
those who use walls and concrete, as well as those who use canvas, paper or camera,

the time has come!

Speak Up!

Artists, creative people, journalists and activist of all colors, genres, orientations and styles; multimedia artists, painters, filmmakers, DJs, poets, tattoo artists, actors, photographers, performers, musicians, singers, amateurs, professionals, graffiti artists, dancers, slammers, designers, writers…

You all are messengers of freedom. Speak Up!

Artists are those who create the mirror of the world, the ultimate witnesses of events. Artists are the consciousness of the society and shape the soul of cultures and civilizations.

Art is the spiritual, instinctive and intellectual mirror of the world. Time is a chaotic and senseless string of events until art recreates it in a meaningful story. Art awards life with meaning; gives contents to the unbearable absurdity of being.

Existence is unbearable emptiness, art is a fact.

Future is a vision and vision is art.

From the moment when the first humans have left a trace of their palm on the cave wall to the present day, making the first act of art ever known – art is the creative way of rethinking the world.

Today, we stand before the biggest challenge for human kind – making human rights and freedoms reality. And, we place our palm on the face of the world and demand rights now and for each and every one of us.

Express yourself! Do not hesitate, do not be afraid.

You are the one to rise and develop, leave traces of freedom and courage behind.

You are never alone. Your thoughts and your deeds, your creations are your companions. You don’t need recognition from those who commit crimes against beauty, those who understand nothing but the power of money and violence. Confront them with creativity and human values.

This is a call for solidarity among those who bring changes to the world for just being what they are.

This is a call for the liberation of thoughts.
Call for Action.

Speak Up!

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