CIVIL has started the project “Make a Difference: Respect Diversity” in cooperation with The Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

CIVIL press release:

CIVIL has started the project Make a Difference: Respect Diversity in cooperation with The Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The project is a continuation of the last year’s very successful initiative United in Diversity.

Make a Difference: Respect Diversity is a project for promotion of multiculturalism and European values. The project aims to alleviate the devastating consequences of ethnic hate and anti-Western campaigns, through an awareness raising campaign, media production and events that will focus on positive messages on multiculturalism and European values.

In the months to come, CIVIL will invite public figures, opinion makers, experts, politicians and citizens to speak about diversities and European values. This project is a great opportunity to learn about each other and to speak about the beauty of diversity. It will give voice to the many different people who embrace European values and the Macedonian future in the EU.

We all will send a strong message against nationalism. The Macedonian society is multicultural, multiconfessional and multiethnic. This fact of reality is a beauty and a grand potential.

Let us reiterate the message that diversity represents a great potential for prosperity and wellbeing of all individuals and communities in a society that lives in harmony with itself. Diversity drives creativity and increases the chances for success in all spheres in the society, including economy, social welfare, culture, education and many other aspects. And… That is Europe.

As always, CIVIL remains open and welcomes all contributions with questions, comments, articles, photographs and videos in the context of diversity.

Let’s make the difference! Let’s respect diversity! Let’s work for peace and prosperity, while at the same time being enriched by our different cultures, traditions and languages.

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