CIVIL recommends that the working conditions of the municipal election commissions be improved

CIVIL – Center for Freedom welcomes the Government’s decision to solve the SEC”s long-standing problem with its office premises. However, other challenges do remain related to the working conditions of the SEC’s bodies.

In CIVIL’s announcement it is stated that during CIVIL’s election observation in the past years, it has noted that many municipal election commissions are located in inaccessible premises and without basic working conditions. On several occasions in the past, CIVIL has requested from the relevant institutions of the state to provide conditions for unhindered and quality work of the State Election Commission and all of its bodies.

In that sense, CIVIL recommends, in accordance with the legal regulations, that the SEC conducts an on-site inspection of the facilities in which the municipal election commissions are located in, and take necessary measures for improving the working conditions and the accessibility.

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