Dear friends and supporters,

It’s been 15 years of hard work and struggle for human rights and freedoms, unwavering support for peace and tolerance, arms control, democracy, freedom of speech and media, solidarity, rule of law, and free elections.

It’s been 15 hard years of challenges and immense pressure under which we have built a strong and independent organization, one with integrity and human face.

Our numerous projects and actions involved thousands of people of all ages, all ethnic and religious communities, regardless of their political affiliation, social background, gender and sexual orientation.

Hundreds of committed and brave people of CIVIL crisscrossed the country many times, struggling against discrimination, violence and injustice.

In war and in peace, we give our best to defend the values of a free, open and democratic society.

We remain committed! We never surrender!

To Freedom!

The people of CIVIL – Center for Freedom

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