Week of protests in Macedonia

The week of protests rose up tens of thousands of people in protest throughout Macedonia. The protests began on Tuesday in Skopje, right after President Ivanov made the announcement to annul all proceedings against 56 politicians.


12 April


Spontaneous protests erupted after President Gjorge Ivanov came to the decision to pardon and abolish senior government officials for crime, corruption, abuse and electoral fraud.

A crowd of 3-4 thousand people then headed towards the National Office of the President in the center of the city, with demands for resignation.

Later, protesters marched towards headquarters of the ruling party and continued on towards the government building. The protest ended in front of the VMRO-DPMNE headquarters. No violence was noted.

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13 April


Over five thousand protesters took part in the Skopje protests. Violence erupted in front of the National Office of Ivanov, which the protesters completely demolished, and then continued to demolish the Ministry of Justice.

The police used force. There were over 10 injured, among which were two journalists and one member of the team of CIVIL – Center for Freedom. The police detained 13 protesters.


More than 500 people protested in Bitola, in front of the Municipality building and Bitola’s National Office of Ivanov. Protesters threw eggs at the municipal building. The protests were for the “citizen’s arrest” of Mayor Vladimir Taleski.

Several people from Bitola clashed with the police in their attempt to enter the Municipality by force.



14 April


A group of students from the Law Faculty of the Sc. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, “occupied” the amphitheaters and classrooms.

A protest of 82 civil society organizations from “The citizens for Macedonia” in front of the Parliament. Over 5.000 protesters than headed towards the “Center” police station, demanding the release of the detained protesters.

VMRO-DPMNE headquarters was under heavy police guard and several armored vehicles.

About a hundred youths threw stones, bottles and hard objects at the police. There was also an incident among the protesters when an argument broke out between two groups of protesters.

A police cordon, supported by a “water canon” behind it, split apart the protestors at the intersection in front of the “Paloma Bjanka” business center. One person was arrested in this action.



More than 3.000 people from Bitola took the streets to protest. The building of the Municipality of Bitola was under heavy police protection, no one was arrested and there was no violence.


15 April


More than 10.000 demonstrators protested in Skopje. The police allowed protestors to occupy the entire area in front of the Government building, extending from the intersection on “Kliment Ohridski” Boulevard, up to the “Goce Delcev” Bridge.

There was no violence, nor arrests.



More than 1.000 people from Bitola again took the streets to protest. The Municipality building was guarded by an armed police cordon.


16 April


During the biggest protest of the week, over 10.000 demonstrators protested. Unofficial guards could be noticed for the first time.

There was an incident with an infiltrated provocateur, who tried to settle scores physically with an activist who was throwing paint at the Porta Macedonia.

No one was injured or arrested.



Over 1.000 people from Bitola protested again. There was more police protection and heavier pressure on police officers by protestors.



Peaceful protest in Strumica. More than 500 people from Strumica joined the protests.

17 April


Despite the announcement that there wouldn’t be protests on Sunday, there was a protest, in the form of a guerrilla action.



Over 500 people from Bitola protested again. Protestors and the police clashed during the protests in Bitola. Then, from the Municipality building, members of the Rapid Deployment Unit stormed towards the protestors.

The clash was quickly settled. Eggs, paint and tomatoes were thrown.



More than 1.000 people from Veles protested in Veles. The protest was peaceful and there were no incidents.


On 16 and 17 April the diaspora also held protests.

Protests were held in Central Park, in New York, whereby around thirty demonstrators also protested in Washington, D.C, in front of the Macedonian Embassy.

Representatives of the diaspora made statements in support of the protests in Macedonia and in Melbourne, Australia.


Marija Tegovska


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