CIVIL with significant analyses and assessments on the political processes in Macedonia

The Referendum at which the citizens of Republic of Macedonia voted on whether they are FOR membership in EU and NATO by accepting the Agreement between the Republic of Macedonia and the Republic of Greece, or are AGAINST, was relateively well-organized and was carried out in a mostly calm and democratic atmosphere.

Nevertheless, this election process was filled with a series of problems, inconsistencies, systematic errors and irregularities. The entire process in the context of the referendum surfaced many problems that have been accumulating for years, while solutions postponed or put in drawers, which even further worsened the situation in the last days before the voting, as well as on the day of the voting.

CIVIL – Center for Freedom observed the process long-term with over 30 observers, and with 307 accredited observers on the day of the voting. Citizen journalists joined the monitoring of this process as well, hence all together there is much material in the form of reports, photos, scans and videos, which will be a subject of extensive and multidimensional analysis. The findings and recommendations arising from the monitoring will be published soon, whereas CIVIL has already presented the first analyses in a video format and columns of eminent analysists on its media platform.

These include also the video analyses of Sandra Gavrilovska, Sasho Ordanoski, Аleksandar Novakoski and Xhabir Deralla, as well as the columns of Мirjana Najcevska and Sasho Ordanoski.

Immediately after the referendum, CIVIL came out also with a preliminary assessment titled “Chaotic, although peaceful referendum day”.

In the forthcoming month, CIVIL will present more analyses and assessments on the processes taking place in the country, from which recommendations will arise for which the organization hopes will be met with understanding from the institutions. The citizens already know what should be done, it remains for the institutions and the politicians to listen to that voice.


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