Where will your souls go?

The madness has to be curtailed before we really come to the point “from where there is no turning back”!  A dark night lowered upon Macedonia long ago, and as the prodded, raged and utterly irresponsible instigators and gapers in fur coast have strayed, unfortunately, it will be easy to find the ill-bread who have gone crazy and who even have “long knives” at their reach!

What Kyose, what non-sense…Kyose is dead, you “Kyosens”! Wake up! Stop with the poisoning of people, with making up enemies, with the threats, curses…

By: Sinisa Stankovic

By: Sinisa Stankovic

It is enough! When evil threatens, all rational human beings need to unite and oppose it. Do not encourage crime! Have one name and one country, no one is taking them from you! But, all of us in unfortunate Macedonia have only one life, stop and come to your senses!

You came up with a funeral cross for the political opponent, wishing him a heart attack, predicting him a funeral and candles, threatening with Kyose the dead, with “Kyosens” – heirs that would be coming to the doors of those who are not likeminded and with the screams of the “Soros-whores” from Your lists, which will be widely heard… What Kyose, what non-sense…Kyose is dead, you “Kyosens”! Wake up! Last night you were encouraging yourselves, throwing firecrackers, while you were cursing like grandmothers, you were cursing and insulting…Whereas the tragicomedy couple in fur coats, the “Guardian” and the “Faithful” were spreading hatred, sowing crazy messages starting with the defending of Macedonia from the SEC with shifts “until July” – up to the tempting threat about a “night of long knives”. Heloooo!

The farce of the comedians in politics until a few years ago used to be mocked and was pitiful, but now is startlingly dangerous! That is why the caricaturist puppets need to be prevented, who for the slightest attention and piece of the treasure till the last drop of blood, of course, will defend the orderer, Because, no matter how much they scream, pathetically and miserably, threatening an ambassador, cowardly avoiding to even mention his name, they too are extremely dangerous.

However, it is far more important to wake up those who are pulling the strings and playing with fire! What can we say to the unscrupulous scumbags, with which we can reach their conscious that is preoccupied with power and money?

Perhaps just to urge once more…

Are you really ready for everything, even for blood shedding?  Just so that you can keep what has been stolen? Haven’t you had enough, have you no sympathy? Well, prisons are also for people, you will do some time, and you will be released…And that’s it. You are aware that justice no longer lives in Macedonia, and that you are not residents of a country that is capable of carrying out confiscation of the property that you have carried out to various “Belizes”…Even if you were to do time, you will come out rich, just how much have you stolen….Hey, if it were only “Skopje 2014”…But, don’t poke the low passions, do not fuel the hatred, or you might end up getting burned…For once in your life, be a man, enough of your cowardness. Face the meanness you have done, admit you sins! You will feel relieved…Repent, cleanse your conscience. Do not aggravate the people, do not provoke conflict! No wealth is worth as much as a child’s tear is!

Or, if you happen to be so insensitive, well then don’t you have enough for three lives? You drove away 600,000 people, the more literate, more honest, more diligent than you…Well now, simply pack up you stuff, take your Bulgarian (and all other) passports and leave to an exotic place, or to Halikidiki, whatever…Leave the honest people to save Macedonia, to try to wash away the shame that you have imposed on the future generations, to fix everything you destroyed, stained and infected with your incompetence and greed. Let Macedonia (re) live!


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