SEC members rejected three more complaints of BESA and went to lunch!

In an atmosphere that at times does not suit a state institution, especially not a commission with such a serious and responsible task, members of the SEC rejected the fifth, sixth and seventh complaint of BESA, and following a four-hour work, went to lunch…  

As CIVIL – Center for Freedom observer reports, who is following the work of the SEC, the eight complaints of SDSM will be reviewed after a one-hour break, after which the final one will be reviewed, the eighth complaint of BESA, in the presence of the President of the Electoral Board from polling station 0369/1 in Gostivar or the President of the Gostivar Municipal Election Commission and BESA’s observer who was at the polling station. It concerns a case in which another person voted for a citizen, after which this citizen was not allowed to vote.

BESA’s fifth complaint was filed for polling station 1005 in the village of Opae, Municipality of Lipkovo, in the Second Electoral Unit, for violation of voting secrecy, because a person had taken a ballot from the polling station and after a while returned with the ballot to vote. SEC member from DPA, Bedredin Ibrahimi, said that the police should have immediately reacted for such an event, more specifically, the members of the board should have reacted in order for the police to have intervened. The complaint was rejected unanimously.

In the sixth complaint BESA demanded a recount of votes in the entire Municipality of Gazi Baba, because there is doubt that the figures from the minutes of the polling stations do not correspond with the results of the Municipal Commission. This complaint was also rejected with nine votes “against”.

BESA’s seventh complaint, filed for violation of the voting procedure in several polling stations in the Municipality of Tetovo, in the Sixth Electoral Unit, was also unanimously rejected, with the argument of the SEC that evidence has not been submitted in that UV lamps and sprays were not used, namely, that there is no evidence that other people were allowed to vote instead of people who are not in Republic of Macedonia, along with group and proxy voting.

The arguments of the SEC were once again that the remarks in the complaints are general and that the SEC cannot determine them.

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