Voters from Pustec (Albania) in Kichevo, Resen and Skopje

Great number of voters from Pustec (Albania) was noted by citizens who have been reporting irregularities to CIVIL, but also by CIVIL observers.

The CIVIL observers registered a voter from Pustec, at the polling place in Kisela Voda, who made efforts to vote, even though election ink was already applied to both of his thumbs. Once the electoral board protested, he ran away. Same case occurred in a polling place in Centar.

CIVIL observers inform that voters from Pustec were registered at a polling place in Butel. Information tells that these voters were transported with a yellow pickup truck, with Albanian registration plates.

Voters from Pustec were also registered in Aerodrom, voting in the school “Brakja Miladinovci”. Transport was organised for them, as well.

CIVIL voters noted a great number of voters in Resen, where voters from Mala Prespa was transported by bus, and then deployed by car around the town. Pustec voters were registered in Kichevo, as well.

CIVIL already announced that there were some 2,000 voters from Pustec, who possess Macedonian identity cards. During the check-up, CIVIL concluded that these voters, who are listed in the electoral register, do not live at the addresses as listed in the electoral register. It is about some twenty persons registered as living at the same address.

Meri Jordanovska

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