Bribery of voters for MKD 500!

Family voting, bribery offered to voters of MKD 500 per vote, organised transport of voters and irregularities in the electoral register are only part of the remarks of CIVIL concluded by 12:00 hrs today.

Most remarkable case was noted in Radovish, in a Roma neighbourhood, where one single person voted on behalf of at least 30 citizens, who reported to be illiterate. Loud calling the roll of voters was noted in the polling places in Bogdanci, Prilep and Kumanovo. In Sopishte, a man voted on behalf of two women. In Shuto Orizari, transportation of voters was noted, with vehicles marked with numbers.

In Aerodrom and Gazi Baba, lines of 20 vehicles in each municipality were noted, with voters on board.
Problems were again registered with the voting ink – a great number of citizens reported that the ink is removable right after the voting, even if they used still water.

In Strumica bribery of voters was noted – MKD 500 were distributed per vote for the parliamentary and MKD 500 per vote for the presidential elections.

This morning, numerous complaints were reported to CIVIL related to the distribution of promotional items during the pre-election silence.

CIVIL establishes numerous problems in the electoral register. In Aerodrom, a voter was indicated in the electoral register for the presidential elections, but not for the parliamentary elections.

In the electoral register in Drachevo, deceased eprsons were listed in the electoral register for the presidential elections, but they are not listed in the electoral register for the parliamentary elections. Same case was noted in 4 polling places.

You may watch the full Press Conference delivered by CIVIL on the video below:

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