CIVIL in solidarity against terror

Terror has taken lives of children and civilians again. The world is crippled for a precious part of its future.

It is a day of horror for the families of the victims of Nice terror attack, another day of horror for today’s world.

Extreme violence has become a daily routine for planet Earth. Today, again, we have to speak out against destructive and sick minds. Terror has to be confronted with more democracy and more solidarity among people of the world. We have to combat terror with even more respect for human rights, freedom and democracy. Hate and fear brings terror, and freedom will isolate perpetrators of horrific acts.

CIVIL - Center for Freedom stands in solidarity with citizens of France, and all other freedom and peace loving people across the world. We stand in solidarity with families of victims and citizens of Turkey, USA, Belgium, and many other places in the world that are stroke by this horrific wave of extreme violence and terror.

Today, we stand together and resolutely state: We are not afraid! Terror must not stand on the way of human rights and freedoms. Terror can never be the means for achieving any goal. It only brings more suffering and destruction, and more terror, nothing else.

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