Time stolen from the citizens and their future

PUBLIC RELEASE: 14/09/2015

The special public prosecutor is one of the most important issues that have been agreed between the four leading political parties to overcome the political crisis in the Republic of Macedonia, brokered by the international diplomats on June 2, amended on July 15. One day ahead of the deadline to agree upon selecting the special prosecutor, there is obviously no progress.

We, CIVIL – Center for Freedom demand urgent progress in the negotiations and respect for the deadlines settled within the signed political agreement. We demand that “one of the largest political parties” has to finally comply with the agreement for the sake of the country’s future. Earlier, the international facilitator Mr. Peter Vanhoutte said that “one of the largest political parties” does not respect the agreement.

The behavior of “one of the largest political parties” is unacceptable.

The public does not have to think a lot which is that political party. It is obvious that Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski and his political party are violating the agreement from the beginning.

The country has already wasted too much time in order to overcome one of its toughest challenges since it seceded from the Yugoslav federation in 1991.

We, CIVIL – Center for Freedom, reiterate the demand to extend the deadline for elections, scheduled for April 24, 2016, since the ruling parties have already breached all other deadlines and violated the agreement. Ruling parties obstruct the democratic process, which will lead to strengthening and de-politicization of institutions, and creation of conditions for free elections.

Therefore, the country needs more time to prepare for free elections and immediate implementation of the political agreement.

We need the time that is stolen by ruling parties from one to another hour, in a relentless political campaigning through abuse of power, misuse of public resources, pressure, intimidation and media manipulation. That is the time stolen from the citizens and their future.

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