Irresponsible and arrogant attitude of the Prime Minister

CIVIL - Center for Freedom supports the plenums of university and high school students, teachers and parents, which represent original, non-partisan initiatives that have demonstrated and proven that civil awareness and culture does exist in the Republic of Macedonia.  Both, the university students and high school students have showed rarely seen awareness, solidarity and maturity with all their actions, from the first day until now. In presenting themselves to the public, with an argumentative approach to the problems that affect them directly, but also the whole society, the readiness for dialogue and also the determination with which they represent their views, ideas and suggestions – the youth have given a lesson to everyone in this country.

We can and should learn from the youth in Macedonia.

Over the past few months, they have been defending the principles of democracy in cold and below zero temperatures, in the rain, under the scorching sun and on the streets, seeking to stop the bad education reforms.

The youth in Macedonia countered all pressures and labels, all blackmails and threats, and there were many of those. They remained consistent as few in Macedonia. We are using this opportunity, once again, as so many times before, to congratulate, support and wish them success in their efforts to provide normal, modern education for themselves and for the generations to come.

Greetings Plenum members!

The Prime Minister, his minister of education and the remaining rulers are directly responsible for the bad reforms and uncompromising actions.

The approach of the Prime Minister, the labeling, arrogance and false morality with which he attacked the youth in his speech on the occasion of Independence Day of Macedonia, the most important date in the recent history of the country, are absolutely unacceptable and irresponsible and deserve the severest condemnation. Especially because he made this in yet another attempt to defend his "rubbish reforms", as the Plenum members precisely titled them.

The demagogy, inconsistency, the attacks and false values with which the Prime Minister presented himself in his speech on the occasion of Independence Day of Macedonia are common, but, we have somehow gotten accustomed to them. But to attack the youth must not be accepted! The attack of Gruevski on the Plenums, by labelling and accusing, must not be allowed.


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