The young people are ready to bring changes, the redundant workers do not expect a lot, the civil servants are under pressure

Civil – Center for Freedom initiated its activities related to the project “Free and Nonviolent Elections 2013”, with the work of the focus groups, which included young, unemployed persons (redundant workers) and employees in the public administration.

On the subject of “Elections 2013”, and in the context of the pre-election cycle, the participants expressed their past experiences and future expectations.

The young people, all present and most of them active on the social networks, left the impression as being rebel and full of energy when it comes to criticisms of the political parties, party activities and party pre-election campaigns. They believe in changes, and with enthusiasm strive to be a part of them.

The unemployed persons, some of them redundant workers, agreed that every citizen is obliged to give his or her vote on the election day. However, they described their personal experiences as disheartening, equally unpleasant in the governance of any ruling party thus far. Apart from a little hope for changes and fresh political solutions, they did not express any additional expectations or trust in what is being offered at present by the current politicians.

The civil servants, employees in the municipalities or in some of the line ministries, confirmed that they have experienced some type of pressure at the workplace in each of the election cycles. Some said that was their personal experience, while others know that it happened to their close friends or acquaintances. The pressure comes either from the superiors or from some of the fellow workers who are members of political parties, and all of them pointed out the example of being laid off or at least demoted if the local or central government is changed.

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