Let’s recollect, what we achieved and what still awaits us?

Perspectives 2.0 is starting, a series of multimedia events of CIVIL with panel discussions, statements, interviews and presentations dedicated to the social and political trends in Macedonia. In “Perspectives 2.0” we will talk about the accomplishments, the failures and the challenges that lie ahead of our country until the end of this year. At the same time, we will open new topics or view the existing ones from CIVIL’s angle.

For the first one of this series of events, which will be held on May 23 (Wednesday) at Hotel City Park (near the Municipality of Center), CIVIL is organizing a one-hour discussion on the hot topic regarding the dispute with Greece that will be carried out between Jove Kekenovski (FRODEM) and Afrim Gashi (BESA), starting at 12.00 noon, while in the remaining part of the afternoon, CIVIL will also talk with Professor Mirjana Najchevska and director Irena Sterijovska on other current topics as well, in regards to Macedonia’s social-political reality from different aspects. The discussions will be carried out in the form of short interviews in front of the audience, where all those who are interested may ask questions.

Let us remind that the first edition of “Perspectives2018” was held on December 22 and 25, 2017. CIVIL then invited around twenty public figures, experts and activists, who spoke about the perspectives in 2018. By halfway into the year, we will summon up and recall the diagnosis of our then interlocutors and will ask them again whether their expectations are being realized. We will also invite new interlocutors from different fields.

Following the holiday weekend, CIVIL will open several important topics from the field of human rights, democratic processes and elections. Part of the activities of this series of events will also be workshops for the development of a strategic document with the working title CIVIL 30, devoted to the strategic determinations of the organization in its third decade of existence (2019-2029).

As always, CIVIL will use the opportunity for having meetings and conversations with interested citizens and representatives of civil society who are interested for cooperation with CIVIL.

Perspectives 2.0 will last until June 5, almost every working day, at different locations. Follow the announcements on CIVIL’s media platform for the program and other contents related to this new series of events.

The program is flexible and open for suggestions and participation. The hashtag for the event is #ПерспективиМК.

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