Day 4: Prodemocracy protests in Skopje, Macedonia

Over 10,000 people took the streets of Skopje, Macedonia starting at 18 hrs CET, today. The prodemocracy protests started with gathering in front of the Special Public Prosecutor’s office in sign of support, and continued towards the buildings of the parliament and the government. 

The protesters, gathered around the citizen initiative #Protestiram (I Protest) have issued several demands on their Facebook profile: “Resignation of the President Gorge Ivanov, because of the shameful attempt to obstruct justice and abolish criminals; establishing an expert government that will prepare the real free, credible and democratic elections, and will help justice take effect in cases of politicians and power-holders for their crimes; urgent suspending of the call for the early parliamentary elections”.

The first two days of the protests were rather tense and violent, with dozens of arrests, and as many injured, including two journalists and an observer of CIVIL. Well over 5,000 people took the streets each day of the protests. It is expected that the number of protesters will grow this evening.

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