The arrests have to stop!

CIVIL – Center for Freedom, strongly condemns the arrest of the member of the Presidency of the political party Levica (Left),  Dr. Zdravko Saveski.

This morning, following an interrogation in the Police Station of “Prolet” (Kisela Voda), Saveski was detained and will be held before a public prosecutor and  judge in a pre-trial proceeding, with a request for determining detention.

As Levica has stated, three more members of their highest managing party organs have also received invitations for interrogations!

According to information from Levica, it concerns events that are “connected to the mass protests that were initiated by the movement #Protesting, which developed into the so-called Colorful Revolution that began after the shameful and unlawful abolition of the President of the Republic of Macedonia”.

CIVIL demands immediate release of Saveski, and demands a stop to the pressures and actions against the human rights activists and civil society in general.

We will say once again, pressure and action against one activist or against one organization represents a direct attack on all activists and organizations! The arrests have to stop!

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