Civil activists from Tetovo promote and call on free and non-violent elections in their city



Aiming at promotion of and calling on fair and non-violent local elections, civil activists from Tetovo went out on the streets of the city and in direct contact with their fellow citizens explained why it is so important to have free and non-violent elections and to hold the elections in fair and democratic atmosphere.

In a direct conversation among man and women citizens and activists of Tetovo Community Development Institute, citizens of Tetovo voiced their firm belief about the huge importance of holding the local election on March 24 in fair, democratic and peaceful atmosphere, without any pressures or violence, because only in that way, citizens of Tetovo will show that the observance of democratic values and freedom of choice are the crucial values for them.

This is only one of the series activities realized by Civil – Center for Freedom in partnership with Tetovo Community Development Institute (CDI) and organizations from other cities in the country within the project “Free and Non-Violent Elections 2013”, funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).

Damir Neziri

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